Programme Features

  • The programme is especially suitable for students who have relevant professional knowledge in public administration, public relations, political science, economics, business administration, etc., or professionals who are interested in public administration, policy research and leadership development.
  • The future career development of students is broad, including civil servants, managers of public and private sector organisations, management and professional staff of non-governmental organisations, public policy researchers, community leaders, etc.
  • The programme will provide in-depth learning to enhance the professional level of students in different fields, and is suitable for students who intend to develop in the fields of public administration, community management, public policy research, etc. The programme will also provide experiential learning such as visits, lectures and interviews to help students quickly understand the necessary knowledge of public administration and leadership.

In order to link theory closely with practice, the programme will invite information experts and scholars from different fields to serve as course lecturers and share their frontline experience with students. It will also provide relevant internship opportunities for outstanding students who are interested in working in the field of public administration. The programme welcomes applicants from Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau and other regions who have two years or more of work experience, bilingual proficiency in Chinese and English, and rich experience in different sectors such as public administration, disciplinary forces, business, professional, etc. Applicants with outstanding achievements and qualifications in related fields will be given priority consideration.

Programme Aims

The programme mainly teaches the relevant knowledge of public administration, governance and policy as the foundation, and provides students with a broad and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to analyse international, national, Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong issues from multiple perspectives, from micro to macro, including public administration, economy, finance, international relations, security and cyber security, etc. The programme will combine public administration theory, policy research and analysis and other related theories and methods to enhance students’ understanding of public administration related issues and phenomena. It will enable graduates to master the development opportunities of international, national, Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong regions, enhance their competitiveness in the region, and cope with the complex and changing challenges in the future.

Upon completion of this programme, students should be able to:

  • 1
    Further deepen their understanding of the political system, governance and development mode, diplomatic position and international relations of the country and Hong Kong, especially the basic knowledge related to regional economy, public finance, security and cyber security, technology policy and media relations that are closely related to future development.
  • 2
    Strengthen their management and response capabilities to cope with various challenges and crises arising from social, business, public relations, foreign relations and other aspects in their daily work.
  • 3
    Fully grasp the relevant opportunities and challenges of the latest policies and development of national and regional economy, especially the development prospects and potential under the new development pattern of dual circulation, and become successful public administration leaders with the vision and position of “rooted in Hong Kong, backed by the motherland, connected to the world”.

Programme Structure

The EMPAL (One-year Full-time/Two-year Part-time) is a 24-credit-points (cps) programme. The course is mainly taught in the afternoon and evening, with some subjects being taught in the evening or on Saturdays. The main teaching location is the North Point Study Center, and some subjects may need to be taught at the Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Center.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is mainly Putonghua supplemented with English.

Programme Curriculum

Core Courses (15 cps)
3cps China's National Governance and Development
3cps Hong Kong SAR’s Governance and Development
3cps Chinese Diplomacy and International Relations: Challenges and Resolutions
3cps China's Regional Economy and Hong Kong's Economic Development: Challenges and Opportunities
3cps Public Administration, Management and Leadership Skills
Elective Courses (9 cps) (Choose any 3 out of the following 6)
3cps Public Policy and Public Finance
3cps Contemporary Security and Cyber Security Issues
3cps Digital Government: Developments and Trends
3cps Technology and Innovation Policies: Development and Trend
3cps Communication, Media and Public Governance
3cps Social Research and Social Practice